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Reach and Wash system

Frequently asked questions

We have tried to cover the most common topics and questions that clients ask. However, if you have a question that is not answered on this page, or you require further information, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your query. Alternatively click on the technical page.

How does using the Reach and Wash system save us money?

In the window cleaning industry prices are inflated due to risk, the greater the risk the higher the price, as danger money is then applied. Also the hiring of expensive cherry pickers and using abseiling techniques inflates prices greatly. Because there is no risk and no high access equipment required, we can pass on these savings to our clients.

How much money will the Reach and Wash system save us?

In terms of how much is a difficult one to answer as every job is different and has its own problems and complexities. However through past experience and customer feedback, on average, we are saving our clients around 35-40% of their total window cleaning costs, by using this system. This is in comparison with the more conventional methods used before, such as ladders etc.

Is it safe?

Yes. Because the operators work from the safety of the ground and no ladders or other equipment are used.

Are the poles heavy and how do you control it so high?

The poles are made from high quality carbon fibre which is a very light but extremely strong material. As it is so strong and durable we can easily control the poles without too much friction or bend. When working on heights in excess of 40 feet we always work in pairs with one person checking the terrain.

What method do you use to clean the windows?

On top of the pole is a nylon brush head with a small channel that jets out a constant supply of pure water. First we clean the frames and then the glass by moving the brush head (which is constantly wet) over them. We then rinse the windows and frames and leave to dry to a spot free finish.

How can pure water not leave any marks or droplets?

Unlike bottled water, rain or tap water which contains mineral deposits, pollution, calcium and chemicals our water is stripped of every element and is pure in every sense. We do this by using a technique called reverse osmosis which is a filtration process. The end result is 100% laboratory graded pure water. Because of it's purity, quite simply nothing can deposit on the windows which are always left spot free.

How do you get a constant supply of water and where do you treat it?

Our water is treated on our premises using a 12 hour, 5 stage filtration process. When this process is completed we transfer the water into our specially adapted vans which have 1500 litre holding tanks. We then transport this water on site where it is pumped through the carbon fibre poles onto brush heads and ultimately onto the area to be cleaned.

Are any chemicals used during this filtration process?

No. All filters contain natural elements such as salt, resin beads and carbon sediment and are environmentally safe.

Can the water damage or stain my property or building?

No. More damage is caused from pollution in the rain or atmosphere.

Do you give free demonstrations and quotations?

Yes. We regularly give free, no obligation demonstrations and quotations. All demonstrations are carried out by normal members of staff, not sales representatives.

Do you supply and sell the Reach and Wash Pole cleaning system?

We dont actually suppy the Reach and Wash pole systems but we are an approved distributer and can offer excellent rates to any person contacting us to purchase a system.

How does hosepipe bans and water restrictions affect using the pole system?

All our water comes from the Essex and Suffolk region which is not affected by water restrictions. We transport this water using our holding tanks which are mounted on our vehicles to the site to which it is used.

Are there cetain types of windows that are not ideal for the Reach and Wash system?

Yes, although the Reach and Wash system will clean the glazed surface optically perfect, sometimes we face difficulties with certain window types such as older style alliminum windows. This is due to the oxidation (a little like copper and brass) on the framed surface, caused by exposer to the elements. What actually happens is; the pure water draws out the salts in the frames that react and can cause a sligh haze effect on the window. However, usually after 2-3 cleans this will get better and by accurate rinsing can be avoided. Although, the client is usally happy.

Apart from alliminum frames, are there other instances when the window will haze or spot?

Pure water does not dry to a haze or spot so there Shas to be a reason for this. The most common reasons is when we introduce a pole system for the first time to a building that has previously been cleaned by conventional methods such as soap and water. The highly concentrated soap residue (usually fairy liquid), leaves a film on the glass surface and builds up deposits in the actuall frame itself. Once we flush this out and clean the window, it can leave for the first 2-3 cleans a slight haze and the occasional spotting. This will improve with each clean and will be noticably better. To tackle this, clearview will usually use offer a pre-clean to the frames before the initial visit.

What are the benefits of using a Thermopure Hot Water System compared to a standard Reach and Wash pole cleaning system ?

We always say the simple line of 'would you wash your dishes in cold water' and the same concept applies to windows as hot water will always provide a better clean than cold systems which is why Clearview only uses Thermopure systems on our vans. Thermopure Reach and Wash systems enable us to permiate the dirt off the window facade more effectively and the results are outstanding.


Reach and Wash system Using the Reach and Wash System
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